The Dead Samaritan

Hi all:

When I talk about my writing, mostly it’s about McMorrow and Brandon Blake. But I’m especially proud of a book called THE DEAD SAMARITAN.

This one was a collaboration with one of my daughters, Emily Westbrooks. It was published last year by Endeavour Media in London and I like to point it out because I think readers of McMorrow and Blake would enjoy it immensely.


SAMARITAN is a gritty crime thriller set in Ireland where Emily lives. It’s a story told through the eyes of an American travel writer, Sean, and an Irish adventure videographer, Nora. They connect on an assignment but are drawn into the plight of an African immigrant, Manny, after Sean intervenes as Manny is being mugged on a Dublin street.

It’s a harrowing tale of duplicity as Sean and Nora, pursued by both police and gangland thugs, move from solving a mystery to trying to save themselves.

Our collaboration was fun, interesting, challenging, and special. Emily is a skilled writer (mostly for magazines) and a gifted observer of both people and places. My contribution was mostly dialogue (Emily Irish-ized it), and we both steered the plot along its hair-raising path. This one flies!

Check it out. You can buy it in print and e-book on Amazon. You’ll never think of Ireland in the same way again.